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In our media centre you can find a collection of news, photographs, video clips, radio reports and documents that follow our work. Unless otherwise stated, VSF has the copyright to all downloadable multimedia files. The publication (print, web etc.) is free of charge only in connection with an article about VSF.

Tuesday 13. August 2019 / Category: Report, Global Food
The situation is most alarming in Africa. One third of the African population is malnourished. | © Veterinarians without Borders

This alarming result was published by the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) in July. Thus, the number of malnourished people has increased for the third year in a row. The report can be found here.

Tuesday 06. August 2019 / Category: Report, Mobile Agrar-Schule, Sandawe, Picture
VSF-trainees visiting the agricultural exhibition in Dodoma. | © Veterinarians without Borders

The participants of our current project "Mobile school for Sandawe agro-pastoralists" are currently visiting an agricultural exhibition in Dodoma (Tanzania). Project Manager John Laffa is very satisfied with his students: "They are very motivated and open to new things. Whether animal farming, cultivation of grains or processing of agricultural products, they want to expand their...

Tuesday 30. July 2019 / Category: Report, Pastoralists
Sustainable pastoralism is not only a gain for the pastoralists themselves, but for entire national economies | © VSF-International

For the inhabitants of the East African steppe, pastoralism has always been the main source of income. However, non-traditional pastoral activities are increasingly contributing to the pastoral livelihoods, namely honey, tourism and fishing. The scientists D. M. Nyariki and D. A. Amwata have integrated all these aspects in their current study and investigated the value of pastoralism for Kenya's...

Monday 15. July 2019 / Category: Report

Project Title: Mid Term Review of KCEP-CRAL (Kenya Cereal Enhancement Programme-Climate Resilient Agricultural Livelihoods) and end term review of IPP-GAP (Increased productivity and profitability of small holder farmers through promotion and up – scaling of GAP & CA in productive Semi-Arid areas of Kenya)

Assignment: Mid Term Review

Location of the Assignment: Nairobi,...

Monday 27. May 2019 / Category: Report, Vaccination for Africa
Wir danken allen Teilnehmerinnen an IMPFEN FÜR AFRIKA! | © Tierärzte ohne Grenzen

... allen TierärztInnen, TierbesitzerInnen und Sponsoren, die an der Impfwoche teilgenommen und so unsere Aktion unterstützt haben!

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Unsere Ausbildung = Nutzen für ganze Sandawe-Dörfer


Monday 20. May 2019 / Category: Report, Vaccination for Africa
Machen Sie mit bei IMPFEN FÜR AFRIKA und helfen Sie den Sandawe in Ostafrika! | © Tierärzte ohne Grenzen

Nicht vergessen: Wer zwischen 20. und 26. Mai sein Haustier in einer der teilnehmenden Tierarztpraxen impfen lässt, leistet direkte Hilfe für Menschen in Afrika. Denn Österreichs TierärztInnen spenden die Hälfte ihres Impfhonorars für das Hilfsprojekt „Mobile Agrar-Schule für Sandawe Agro-Pastoralisten“ und...

Wednesday 08. May 2019 / Category: Report, Environment

Attention to all future veterinarians and physicians! The One Health Summer School will take place in London from Aug. 19 through Aug. 30, 2019. The summer school will focus on major One Health themes including zoonoses, emerging diseases, and antimicrobial resistance. More information about it: <link...

Wednesday 24. April 2019 / Category: Report, Mobile Agrar-Schule
Aka Mlanji is proud to contribute to the well-being of his village with his newly learned knowledge. | © Veterinarians without Borders

Our current project Mobile school for Sandawe-agropastoralists is to the benefit of whole village communities, because the participants:

  • pass on this knowledge to other villagers
  • make an important contribution to the health of the community and their herds
  • take care that the crops literally fall on fertile...
Wednesday 17. April 2019 / Category: Report, Mobile Agrar-Schule
Veterinarians without Borders provide their trainees with high-quality seeds and seedlings. | © Veterinarians without BordersTo our project Manager John Laffa it is essential that the participants do not only benefit from his knowledge, but also from high-quality seeds and seedlings. | © Veterinarians without Borders

In addition to the professional know-how, VSF provides the participants with high-quality regional seeds and seedlings - the best precondition for a nourishing diet for humans and animals.

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Our training programme = gain for entire Sandawe...
Wednesday 10. April 2019 / Category: Report, Mobile Agrar-Schule
VSF employee John Laffa asks the participants whether there have been ambiguities when applying their new knowledge. | © Veterinarians without Borders

In order to provide the best possible service to our participants from cultivation to harvest, 14 multi-day training modules will take place throughout the year. This way the participants can solve problems that might arise with the VSF trainers quickly and competently.

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Wir danken allen TeilnehmerInnen für ihre Unterstützung! | © Tierärzte ohne Grenzen

Ein riesengroßes Dankeschön all unseren IMPFEN FÜR AFRIKA-TeilnehmerInnen!

Wir freuen uns ganz besonders, dass zahlreiche TierärztInnen unsere Aktion IMPFEN FÜR AFRIKA auch...


FVE-Stipendienprogramm für VeterinärstudentInnen

VeterinärstudentInnen aufgepasst! Die Anmeldefrist für das FVE-Stipendienprogramm läuft nur mehr...


IMPFEN FÜR AFRIKA steht dieses Jahr ganz im Zeichen des Welternährungstages. | © Tierärzte ohne Grenzen

Heute startet unsere Tierimpfaktion IMPFEN FÜR AFRIKA!

Das Prinzip ist einfach: die teilnehmenden TierärztInnen impfen wie gewohnt Haustiere und spenden...

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