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In our media centre you can find a collection of news, photographs, video clips, radio reports and documents that follow our work. Unless otherwise stated, VSF has the copyright to all downloadable multimedia files. The publication (print, web etc.) is free of charge only in connection with an article about VSF.

Friday 27. September 2019 / Category: Report, Global Food, Environment, Pastoralists, Maasai
Small family farmers, such as the Maasai in East Africa, play an important role for a sustainable future for all of us. | © Veterinarians without Borders

The world population is growing. To feed the world and do it sustainably, an urgent and radical shift in our food systems is inevitable. The United Nations have proclaimed the Decade of Family Farming in order to give this paradigm shift the necessary scope. To foster biological diversity and sustainable food production instead of intensive farming...

Friday 20. September 2019 / Category: Report, Maasai
For Maasai pastoralists each of their cattle is an important source of food. | © Veterinarians without Borders

The annual migration of wildebeest between the Serengeti and the Maasai Mara in East Africa attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. For the Maasai, this is an unfavourable time. It implies danger for their livestock, because wildebeest are vectors of the dreaded malignant catarrhal fever, a fatal viral disease of cattle and sheep. An international team of scientists has tested the...

Friday 16. November 2018 / Category: Global Food, Secure milk, Maasai, Report

Today is the International Day for Tolerance, launched in 1995 by UNESCO. Tolerance allows a decent coexistence of different cultures and religions by allowing other opinions, actions and conventions.

Veterinarians without Borders believe that the ancient knowledge and traditions of indigenous peoples are a very valuable good. Therefore, we collect and document traditional...

Monday 15. October 2018 / Category: Maasai, Pastoralists, Global Food, Poor food hygiene, Secure milk, Report

Milk is susceptible to various kinds of germs, which can be transferred to humans through food and cause infectious diseases. In Austria, strict hygiene measures are taken in each production step, so that dangerous germs do not get into food. Before milking, the udder of the animals is cleaned carefully. Necessary drinking water is available in sufficient quantities. Farmers, dairies and...

Monday 08. October 2018 / Category: Maasai, Pastoralists, Global Food, Poor food hygiene, Secure milk, Report

In his doctoral thesis at the Vetmeduni Vienna, our Tanzanian employee John Laffa examined which plants the Maasai use to smoke-treat their calabashes. Calabashes serve as vessels to store the milk of the Maasai's cattle.

The trees and shrubs used are also important medicinal plants for the Maasai. They have a wide range of healing properties, including analgesic,...

Wednesday 03. October 2018 / Category: Maasai, Pastoralists, Global Food, Poor food hygiene, Secure milk, Report

John Laffa lives in Tanzania and has been a competent employee of Veterinarians without Borders for years. The graduate expert in agriculture, livestock and animal breeding is enroled for a doctorate course in veterinary medicine at the Vetmeduni Vienna (VMU). At the Institute of Milk Hygiene at the VMU he now wrote his doctoral thesis on indigenous Maasai milk hygiene and...

Thursday 27. September 2018 / Category: Maasai, Pastoralists, Global Food, Poor food hygiene, Secure milk, Report

Are you familiar with this: You want to take a good cup of coffee, add some milk and only then you realize that it has turned sour. Each of us who has encountered problems with the shelf-life of dairy products during the hot summer months can imagine the challenges the Maasai in the East African steppe face every day.

The Maasai live there under extreme environmental conditions....

Monday 20. August 2018 / Category: Global Food, Maasai, Environment

As reported in our blog from 10 Aug 2018, our unbalanced diet presents great ecological challenges for the world. Indigenous peoples, such as the Maasai or Sandawe in East Africa, have been living in harmony with nature for millennia and are vivid examples of sustainability in...

Thursday 08. March 2018 / Category: Report, Maasai, Maasai Art, Land conflicts Maasai Art

Ein guter Grund, einmal über die Landesgrenzen hinaus zu blicken und über die Rolle der Frau in anderen Teilen der Welt zu reflektieren. Das Leben von Maasai-Frauen in Tansania etwa ist geprägt von einer ungewissen Zukunft. Es ist aber nicht nur die Sorge um das Wohl der Familie, die Gesundheit ihrer Viehherden oder die Angst, dass die nächste Regenzeit schlecht ausfallen oder ganz ausbleiben...

Tuesday 20. February 2018 / Category: Report, Maasai, Secure milk, Pastoralists, Environment

Lesen Sie diesen interessanten Artikel über die jahrhundertealten Praktiken der Maasai zur Aufbewahrung und Haltbahrmachung von Milch, erschienen am 17.2.2018 (Die Presse): <link...

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Food fraud = intentional deception of consumers with the aim of achieving a financial or economic gain. | © Veterinarians without Borders

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