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In our media centre you can find a collection of news, photographs, video clips, radio reports and documents that follow our work. Unless otherwise stated, VSF has the copyright to all downloadable multimedia files. The publication (print, web etc.) is free of charge only in connection with an article about VSF.

Tuesday 05. March 2019 / Category: Report, Sandawe, Mobile Agrar-Schule
An independent life in the country or an existence in the slums of Africa's megacities? The training project of VSF aims at securing a solid livelihood in their homeland even for future generations of Sandawe. | © Veterinarians without Borders

An increasing number of young Sandawe are forced to abandon their land and leave their home to work as day labourers in the large cities. Instead, a life in the slums of the megacities is predefined. In order to prevent this development, Veterinarians without Borders have launched a mobile school for livestock farming and agriculture.

More articles about this project:


Tuesday 26. February 2019 / Category: Report, Mobile Agrar-Schule
Sebastiana Majuwa is 60 years old and mother of six children. She has known VSF project manager John Laffa (right) for many years and appreciates his committment for the future of their people. | © Veterinarians without Borders

The Sandawe are one of the most ancient tribes in the world. For 87,000 years, the skillful hunters and gatherers have inhabited the East African steppe. Today they live - pushed back - in a small area in the heart of Tanzania. To survive, the Sandawe also practice livestock farming and agriculture. However, yields are low because the Sandawe lack agricultural experience.


Friday 22. February 2019 / Category: Report, Events
© Tierärzte ohne Grenzen

Die Plattform Österreichische Tierärztinnen & Tierärzte für Tierschutz lädt zur 10. ÖTT-Tagung "Tierschutz - Über die Lebensqualität von Tieren".

2. Mai 2019

Veterinärmedizinische Universität Wien

Die Einladung mit dem genauen Programm und den Anmeldeformalitäten finden Sie <link...

Wednesday 20. February 2019 / Category: Report, Vaccination for Africa
Machen Sie mit bei IMPFEN FÜR AFRIKA und helfen Sie den Sandawe in Ostafrika! | © Tierärzte ohne Grenzen

Unsere Schwerpunktaktion IMPFEN FÜR AFRIKA findet heuer von 20.-26. Mai statt. In dieser Woche impfen TierärztInnen wie gewohnt Haustiere, und spenden die Hälfte der Impfeinnahmen für Tierärzte ohne Grenzen. Dieses Jahr kommen die Spenden unserem Projekt Mobile Schule für Sandawe Agro-Pastoralisten zugute.

Sie sind Tierärztin/Tierarzt und wollen an unserer Aktion...

Monday 18. February 2019 / Category: Report, Jobs

The OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health) has a job vacancy in its Regional Activities Department based in Paris. Required language skills:

* English fluently (the organisation's working language)
* French fluently (main task is to support the "Veterinary Paraprofessional" program in West Africa)

Please <link...

Monday 14. January 2019 / Category: Report, Global Food, Poor food hygiene
© Veterinarians without Borders

Our comments on the issue of food fraud over the last few weeks may have raised the question on measures suited to improve consumer safety. Prof. Dagmar Schoder is head of the working group "Global Food Safety" at the Vetmeduni Vienna. She says: "We need a powerful, efficient food control at global level. A task force should be set up to act...

Thursday 10. January 2019 / Category: Report
The raw materials for our food are often produced in countries where controls are still inefficient | © Veterinarians without Borders

An increasing quantity of resources, that were produced in Europe in the past, nowadays originates from Southeast Asia or Africa. As for vitamin supplements, even 90 % are produced in China. However, food control is still inefficient in these countries. The oigin of many ingredients is often no longer transparent.

Friday 21. December 2018 / Category: Report

Tuesday 18. December 2018 / Category: Video

Our Tanzanian employee John Laffa wishes all supporters and friends of Veterinarians without Borders a merry Christmas!

Monday 17. December 2018 / Category: Global Food, Poor food hygiene, Report

The probability of food fraud depends essentially on three factors:

  1. Is there direct contact between manufacturers and consumers? - Direct contact assures an active feedback loop and hence immediate control. The producer feels obliged to the consumer.
  2. Code of honor - Do producers and retailers adhere to appropriate value systems and quality...

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6. Mai 2021: ÖTT-Tagung zum Thema "Verantwortung der Tierärztinnen und Tierärzte im Tierschutz"

Die Plattform "Österreichische Tierärztinnen & Tierärzte für Tierschutz" lädt zur 11....


Happy Easter!

Veterinarians without Borders wishes you a happy Easter!

What do you associate with Easter? Is it colorful Easter eggs and funny chocolate bunnies in a nest...


Meshack Dionis attended our trainings last year. During our visit he showed us his pearl millet field and then planted a fig seedling. © | Veterinarians without Borders

Mobile agricultural school is now in its third year

Our project to help small-scale farmers in Tanzania in the form of a mobile school has entered its...

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Our Tanzanian employee John Laffa wishes all supporters and friends of Veterinarians without...

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