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In our media centre you can find a collection of news, photographs, video clips, radio reports and documents that follow our work. Unless otherwise stated, VSF has the copyright to all downloadable multimedia files. The publication (print, web etc.) is free of charge only in connection with an article about VSF.

Friday 27. July 2018 / Category: Report, Pastoralists, Environment, Cattle

How do pastoralists in Northern Tanzania perceive the influence of climate change on their herds? A recently published study with the title "Climate change perception and impacts on cattle production in pastoral communities of Northern Tanzania" addressed this issue.

The respondents bemoaned more erratic and reduced amounts of rainfall, rise in temperature and prolonged and frequent...

Thursday 30. November 2017 / Category: Report, Pastoralists, Environment, Cattle

Did you know that the world's 20 largest meat and dairy corporations were responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions in 2016 than Germany? Or that the three largest producers of meat and dairy products emitted more greenhouse gases last year than all of France?

The justification that the need to feed the world and to meet the growing demand for animal products is flimsy. In fact, such...

Monday 27. November 2017 / Category: Report, Maasai scholarships, Fieldwork, Cattle

The so-called East Coast Fever (ECF) is a disease caused by parasites of cattle, goats and sheep in countries along the East African Pacific Coast. It is transmitted by ticks. In Tanzania, there is a general lack of veterinarians for the treatment of livestock.

In order to counteract this and other animal diseases, a project was launched in 2015 to provide training for qualified livestock...

Friday 10. November 2017 / Category: Report, Pastoralists, Environment, Cattle

With the implementation of the so-called "Tanzania Livestock Master Plan" 2 million jobs are to be created in Tanzania over the next five years. Small rural farmers are to benefit most from these measures. The aim of this master plan is to increase the contribution of the dairy sector to Tanzania's GDP by 75%.

A chance for many, but what impacts can be expected for traditional livestock...

Monday 06. November 2017 / Category: Report, Pastoralists, Environment, Cattle

Austria and the EU support African countries with development measures to build up local markets and to improve people's outlook on life. At the same time, there are policies in Austria and at European level that are in conflict with these efforts. The umbrella organisation AG Globale Verantwortung is the Austrian platform for development and...

Tuesday 31. October 2017 / Category: Report, Pastoralists, Environment, Cattle

Pastoralism is characterized by many advantages:

  • securing jobs and incomes of small communities (200 million people worldwide)
  • contributes to food and nutrition security
  • presents the best agricultural system to keep marginal lands inhabited and productive
  • stands for sustainable management of natural resources
  • contributes to the preservation of...
Wednesday 04. October 2017 / Category: Report, Maasai, Pastoralists, Cattle

In many places animals have to live a life that is unethical and far from being species-appropriate. Worldwide demand for animal products is rising. Animals often have to bear the consequences of the increasing pricing pressure.

The Maasai in East Africa show how livestock farming can be carried out with dignity and in harmony with nature - like they have done for thousands of years. They...

Friday 11. August 2017 / Category: Report, Environment, Pastoralists, Cattle

Worldwide, there are around 200 million pastoralists, who depend on animal husbandry and the sale of animal products. This way of life has been adapted for centuries to the natural realities of the region and

  • is centred around livestock
  • relies on herd mobility
  • depends on community-based land tenure and access rights
  • builds on traditional knowledge
  • ...
Monday 07. August 2017 / Category: Report, Environment, Pastoralists, Cattle

With Agenda 2030, the United Nations have set goals for sustainable development for the people, the planet and prosperity. The crucial contribution of livestock farming to the achievement of these objectives was explained during a UN forum on sustainable development.

  • 70% of milk in countries such as Kenya or india comes from small-scale farms.
  • 75% of the poorest people...
Thursday 13. April 2017 / Category: Video, Cattle, Africa, Fieldwork, DocKnow, Poor food hygiene, Children, Maasai, Milkprotect, Secure milk

Kuh Mogira zählt bereits 12 Jahre und hat neuerdings sogar gelernt, die Wasserpumpe selbst zu bedienen. Das Video dazu finden Sie hier.

Aber auch sonst macht Mogira ihrem Namen alle Ehre. Mogira bedeutet übersetzt "die, die immer Faxen macht." Sie gehört zu den Rindern des Dorfes, aus dem auch unser Stipendiat Lucas Moreto stammt....

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