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What counts is humanity - not only at Christmas

Maasai student Lucas hands over the collected money to the young Maasai mother (in the middle) | © Veterinarians without Borders





The training is very well accepted by the Sandawe. | © Veterinarians without Borders

Mobile agricultural school for the oldest tribe of Africa

This year's donations for our campaign Vaccination for Africa support our project Mobile school for...


An independent life in the country or an existence in the slums of Africa's megacities? The training project of VSF aims at securing a solid livelihood in their homeland even for future generations of Sandawe. | © Veterinarians without Borders

Young Sandawe need life perspectives

An increasing number of young Sandawe are forced to abandon their land and leave their home to work...


Sebastiana Majuwa is 60 years old and mother of six children. She has known VSF project manager John Laffa (right) for many years and appreciates his committment for the future of their people. | © Veterinarians without Borders

The Sandawe: Africa's oldest tribe

The Sandawe are one of the most ancient tribes in the world. For 87,000 years, the skillful hunters...

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John Laffa sends Christmas greetings from Tanzania

Our Tanzanian employee John Laffa wishes all supporters and friends of Veterinarians without...

Maasai student Lucas Moreto successfully finishes diploma course!

We congratulate our Maasai student Lucas Moreto! As reported, Lucas is studying law at the TUDARCO...

Mogira - Der "Einstein" unter den Kühen

Kuh Mogira zählt bereits 12 Jahre und hat neuerdings sogar gelernt, die Wasserpumpe selbst zu...

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